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Switching Computer Systems

Important Information for All Patients

At the beginning of August we will be changing the computer system that we use in the Practice.  Unfortunately this may result in some disruption but we are aiming to keep this to a minimum.  The purpose of this leaflet is to explain how it might affect you, and what you can do to help us.

What do we use our computer system for?

25 years ago nearly all general practice records were kept on paper.  These included details of medical problems, medicines, laboratory results, letters from hospitals, and all consultations. There was also a book for making appointments, another for taking messages, and all prescriptions were issued on paper.  Nowadays nearly all of these tasks are undertaken and recorded much more efficiently on a secure computer system.  

Why do we need to switch systems?

Over many years different computer systems have been developed for general practices around the country.  For several years we have been using one called EMIS Web.  However many other practices in Nottingham are using a different one called SystmOne  (and no, that’s not a spelling mistake!). As part of the new ‘NHS Plan’ all general practices are being expected to work more closely together.  We are therefore switching to SystmOne to allow us to do this.  This will allow better coordination of care with other health professionals such as community nurses, who also use this system.  So in the long term this switch will be better for all of our patients.

What happens to all your information (data)?

Don’t worry - all data will be transferred securely, whilst also making sure that it is not altered in any way.  Many practices have undertaken this switch in the past and so there are established ways of making it happen.  All organisations involved have a statutory duty to protect your data and there are safeguards and checks at all stages.

How will the switch affect making appointments?

We won’t be able to make appointments on SystmOne until it is up and running from 7th August.  As a result there may be some restrictions on booking routine appointments in advance.  However there will be plenty of appointments available once the new system is in operation.

During the transition period between 30th July and 7th August we will be operating an ‘on the day’ appointments system only.  We hope that everyone will be understanding and work with us during this time.  

If you currently make appointments online then there are some additional changes that you will need to make which are explained later.

How will the switch affect getting prescriptions?

We will still be able to issue prescriptions.  However it will be more difficult to do this administratively around the time of the switch.  We are therefore asking patients who are on repeat prescriptions to order early if they are likely to need a prescription during this period.  

If you currently request prescriptions online then there are some additional changes that you will need to make which are explained below.

What happens if you use Online Services?

You will still be able to use online services after 7th August, but the way that you access these will change.  This is because Patient Access only works with our current system, EMIS Web.  However the NHS have just launched a new App called (imaginatively) ‘NHS App’, which allows you to access online services irrespective of the computer system that your general practice uses.  We recommend you download this App now and register to use it, so that it will continue to work when our new system is installed. You do not need to visit the surgery to do this.


Unfortunately the App is currently only available for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets/iPads) and not for computers (although the NHS have promised to rectify this by the Autumn), so if you use a computer to access online services we will have to sign you up specifically for SystmOne once it is installed.  If you previously has access online you will be sent a text message with details of how to register.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways in which our patients can make the switch easier for us:

Please be patient with staff as they get used to using the new system.  Whilst we will all have received training in advance, some issues may only arise once the system is in place.

Please try to avoid requesting routine appointments during the transition period from 30th July to 7th August.  We will, of course, be happy to see people with urgent problems ‘on the day’ as usual in this time.

If you have repeat prescriptions please request them early (ideally before Friday 12th July) if you are likely to need a new prescription between 27th July and 7th August.

If you use online services (for appointments and prescriptions) via an App on a mobile device (phone or tablet) then please register for the new ‘NHS App’ instead. You can start using this straight away (After August 7th).